The Red Bed

If you truly know me, you know the Red Bed.

People always say “home is where the heart is.” My heart comfortably resides on the Red Bed, cozy and content, tucked beneath the warmth of it’s gently worn sheets and signature velvet red comforter. To me, nothing echoes home, peace, or happiness more than the moments I spend sinking into my bed.

At our house, when anyone goes missing, their whereabouts are obvious. One by one – Mom, Dad, sister…and dog – the family finds its way to my room.

The Red Bed is a boardroom, the central location for family discussions and important decisions.

The Red Bed is a comedy house, starring Sloane Peterson, the stand-up comedian, impersonator, and twerker extraordinaire.

The Red Bed is a lounge, a place where friends have always gathered to just sit, chat, and enjoy each other’s company. It always amazes me just how many people, squeezed together like Tetris Blocks, the Red Bed can hold.

The Red Bed is home to my therapist, my Mom. Every time I’m home, she sets up shop in my room. She’s been my go-to-girl for almost 21 years now, never missing a day.

I’m leaving for Spain tomorrow. My clothes and bags sit piled high on the Red Bed. When I think about what I’m going to miss the most these next few months, the answer is obvious.

It’s not the pillow-top mattress pad, the fluffy pillow, or the satin sheets (which are all wonderful, don’t get me wrong), but it’s what it all represents – the mornings spent talking with my mama, the late nights spent laughing with Sloaner, and the post-workday visit from my dad.

It’s the Red Bed I’m going to miss the most. Until December!