The spoken word. So much power lies in what we say, the words fortunate enough to escape our wondering minds and leap from our lips.

What you say defines who you are.

I’ve always been a firm believer in the phrase “think before you speak.” In Spain, even the simplest of sentences requires an awful lot of thinking – constantly processing, always translating. Talking is a full-time job. Sparks fly as the rusty mechanics inside my head rotate uncontrollably at full speed.

As I scratch my head and exhale to ease my frustration, helplessly searching for one verb, a correct conjugation, a single elementary vocab word, I often wonder,

How much of me is lost in translation?

Humor lies at the base of my most treasured relationships, a true foundation of uninhibited happiness. Inside jokes, one-liners, quotes, sarcasm, and wit. The people closest to my heart are the ones who make me laugh the hardest.

When working within the iron confines of a language barrier, humor remains suppressed, a desirable but unrealistic luxury when one unknowingly speaks like a caveman.

Despite years of Spanish class, I notice that I repeat simple, familiar words amidst the stress of carrying a fluid conversation. My friends and I joke that here in Spain, we sound like cavemen:

I want. I need. I eat. I sleep. I like. I want to sleep. I like to eat. I eat so I need to sleep. Gracias.

I’m fear that my humor, a part of my being, is lost in translation. What does Peppi think of the Logan she knows? Is it the same Logan I know?

2 thoughts on “Barriers

  1. no barriers to that tear that involuntarily shows up along your lower lash line when you’re happy or sad or the biting of the side of your tongue when you find something particularly funny HAHAHAHAHA peppi, undoubtedly and so fortunately, knows the real you :*

  2. Darling Logan, Your Papa and I are enjoying your Bloggs so much. It is great to hear that you are so happy and it sounds like Peppi is a wonderful Mom. Love you Nan

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