This Guy

He’s my go-to travel companion, a guardian angel of sorts. During every trip I make, he peaks his ragged head out of my carry-on luggage and reassures me with a permanent, loving smile. My backpacks’ contents change over the years. The space once occupied by crayons and a Gameboy is now filled with college textbooks, Cosmo magazine, and a few Apple products – but his position remains the same. He lies snuggled beneath my belongings, present yet hidden.

Yes, I’m almost 21 years old, and yes, my childhood teddy bear stills remains by my side. No questions asked. He sits on my bed at school and at home. When I’ve encountered sketchy situations in college and decided to really “yolo,” I can always ease my mother’s worrying mind by reminding her of Guy’s presence. Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll bring Guy. His protective shield has become a family joke. He’s been around the world, and Spain is no exception.

At Peppi’s, Guy has a new home on my short twin, hospital-esque bed, tucked beneath the floral sheets. He reminds me of home. His presence helps me fall asleep at night, muting the street sounds of zooming cars and passersby.


Many girls dream of traveling abroad to find a guy – thankfully, I already have mine.

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