Traveling by train – surreal, supersonic speed. The countryside races by as rolling hills blur to clouds of forest green. Scenery transforms before your eyes; seasons change within an hour. I see Europe through a film lens, my foggy passenger window, a traveling shot from a fantasy movie. Simultaneously, trains combine two opposite states, fast-forward and pause, in a rare, perfect mix.

As the train charges north, the terrain’s saturation follows a steady incline. Browns turn to hues of red. Graffiti walls, bursts of rainbow neon letters, emerge for a split second and then disappear from sight.  Skyscrapers launch into the sky and then crumble to rural shacks that line the railway. As the world passes by, you are propelled forward. Constant motion.

Madrid, Spain, in the fall.

Don’t look back. You’re not going that way. Change is a beautiful thing.

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