Soy un ratón, duh.

Few things scream “college” more than Halloween or Halloweek, an excuse to decorate your door with spider webs and throw a party for three, five, or seven days straight. Once you hit high school, say goodbye to the typical Disney princess or pumpkin costume – unless you’re planning on chopping off the train and buying a pair of fishnets. Popular choices? Pick any animal, professional, or celebrity, and add “sexy” or “naughty”. There’s the classic sexy kitty (fan favorite), naughty police woman, and naughty nurse…I’ve even seen “sexy babies.” Everyone loves dressing up. Halloween offers the rare opportunity to pretend to be something you’re not, many times without judgement.

Halloween is new to Spain. Each year, the American holiday increases in popularity. Traditionally, Catholic Spaniards celebrate All Saints’ Day on the first of November. They visit the graves of their loved ones, not the bars. Now, however, Spanish children trick-or-treat and the discotecas and clubs throw Halloween-themed parties. 

On Halloween, we soon discovered one obvious difference. Here, costumes are scary. I mean really, really scary. The tots dress as zombies, witches, and vampires. There’s fake blood, body parts, and knives. When we asked some Spanish girls about potential costumes, my friends and I found their suggestions shocking. You know, like from “Saw,” with the chainsaws? Terror film, yeah? For one day a year, the beautiful Spaniards swap their spike heels and skinny jeans for cloaks and gore. Forget Victoria’s Secret Angels, today everyone looks like Samara from the “The Ring.”  We tried to be creative and dressed as gypsies, the professional thieves of Spain. In the end, the only people we ended up scaring were ourselves, mortified for leaving the house in half-tops. 

Even on Halloween, we didn’t fit in.




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