Shine Bright like a Diamond

A Mecca of European travel, a landmark that attracts the world. It’s so iconic. It’s so touristy. It appears on magnets, screen-savers, key chains, cheap Forever 21 tank tops, and artsy quote-printed Instagrams. When I think about the Eiffel Tower, I picture Hollywood movies. I see video clips. The Eiffel Tower, a character on its own, plays the classic backdrop for a romantic comedy’s final kissing scene or a posh roof party’s casual overlook. When I think about the Eiffel Tower, I envision the French, in berets and red lipstick, sipping coffee in a nearby cafe and walking hand-brushed poodles through the adjacent gardens.

In life, things elevated with talk often aren’t as they seem. Talk, unlike Paris, is cheap. Events and sites centered around a buzz, sparkle, or overwhelming hype, like New Years Eve for example, often end disappointingly.

The Eiffel Tower is one big, beautiful exception to the rule.

At night, the Eiffel Tower beacons foreigners and Parisians alike from across the city like a statuesque lighthouse made of diamonds. Standing beneath its glistening glory, chilled from the winter air, I felt like a little girl inside a fairy tale. At the top of the hour, the tower sparkles like a Christmas tree. Bursts shoot up and down its legs like comets. The fine line between the starry galaxy and the monument’s brilliant lights blurs – the sky and the tower are one in the same.  A man-made object has never looked so pretty. 


When in Paris, you must visit the Eiffel Tower at night.  It’s definitely worth the cliché. Cliché, after all, is a French word, you know. 

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