Out of this World

After touring this city hundreds of times, walking its streets, losing my way in its alleyways, and flaunting its historic beauty to friends and family, I’ve arrived at a conclusion. I’ve found my favorite part of Sevilla.

La Plaza de España earns a shining five-star rating on my own personal TripAdvisor.

Turn the corner into el Parque de María Luisa. Dodge horse-drawn carriages, runners in Nike short-shorts, and families casually pushing baby strollers. Then, you’ll begin to see faint traces of mosaic emerging from a forest of palms, orange trees, and Mediterranean pines. Hints of gold and royal blue criss-cross and swirl in the pillars and tiled alcoves’ intricate Arabic-inspired designs. One by one, warm, red brick walls appear. Row boats pass, gliding across the still channel.

La Plaza de España enters plain view. Its awe-inspiring beauty pauses time. The fountain in the middle sets the scene, impressive, bold yet undeniably peaceful. Its colossal scale shrinks human presence as its distinct spires jet into the clear Sevilliano sky, topped with a waving Spanish flag.

It’s truly out of this world. I think the creators of Star Wars had a similar mindset when creating Episodes I & II.

Last weekend, Sara visited me in Sevilla. Of course, I gladly introduced her to my newest Spanish obsession. La Plaza de España – beautiful, picturesque, and one heck of a photo-shoot backdrop.

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