Welcome Home

I remember pulling away from Peppi’s house early Thursday morning. It was still dark. I piled my suitcases into the cab. I felt shaky with anticipation, anticipation of the end – the end of an era. As I gave Pep one final squeeze, tears flooded down my cheeks. Throughout my life, I’ve been known for my inability to keep little tears from forming in my tear ducts. Once I start, I can’t stop softly crying. Don’t forget about me. Don’t forget about me. Peppi kissed Sarah and I on the cheek and waved goodbye as our taxi pulled away from 37 Alonso Carillo.

I love the Logan I knew in Spain – independent, happy just because. I want to keep that mindset forever tucked in my back pocket. I’m back at school. Campus looks the same minus a few remodels, my house remains how I left it, and my friends are still here, but I’m different. It’s as if someone just awoke me up from a really, really good four-month long dream. I created a life in Sevilla. It was a temporary life, a life that I had to leave – but a great life. The person Sevilla created, however, remains.

Today marks the beginning of Blogging Log, U.S. edition. If I learned one thing from living so far away, it’s that you can always be close to yourself. There’s no room for a long distance relationship between me, myself, and I. Writing makes me confront reality, what’s in front of my face. It’s one thing to feel, and it’s another to document.


With this blog, I plan to keep the legacy of Spanish Logan alive.

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