Simple Joys

I feel refreshed. I’m happy. It’s hard to describe. The little thoughts inside my head, my demeanor lately, remind me of a morning walk – happy and direct, yet calm, wandering with a purpose.  The last six months have left me refreshed. Think about the unbeatable clean scent of dryer-fresh clothes, or that cozy feeling of bed sheets against your skin post-shower, or that lingering smile after eating a really great meal. Simple and content, and happy.

In my house at school, my friends and I split up weekly chores. Our names rotate on the whiteboard. With eight girls, we need a system. Besides dreading the “trash” to-do, everyone keeps things tidy. Being the person I am, I do what Logan does – voluntarily everything. I take-on all the chores because I love to clean; cleaning leaves me feeling refreshed. Last week, my friends decided to permanently assign me to “vacuum-er” because “it bring me so much joy.”

Also, I’m 21 now. My twenty-first birthday marked one of the only times that I actually did feel different when I woke up. I really did. Socially, I can now create my own fun. I’m sitting at the wheel, steering my own life – unless, of course, I’ve been drinking – and can legitimately ask to network “over drinks” or order a glass of wine to pair with a steak or buy a Mexican beer for my salsa. Yesterday, I bought a six-pack at Safeway because it was on-sale. I wasn’t headed to a frat party or to a Superbowl get-together. My purchase was purely economical. And, quite frankly, I love that I can do it. I can’t help but smile every time I open the fridge to those purple mountains.

In school, I love my classes. I’m learning things that will further me in life, both professionally and spiritually. I’m completely nerdy and completely excited. It’s so refreshing to feel genuinely intrigued – captivated – in a professor’s lecture. When things just click, it’s pretty cool.

Some may call my new morning pairing of the Wall Street Journal and cup of instant-coffee retirement home-worthy. I, however, prefer to call it “settled.” I’m happy. I’m refreshed. These last few years have made me grow-up a lot. Everyday isn’t perfect, but I try to see the beauty in a lot of things – even mistakes.

When I look down at my wrist, I’m reminded of beautiful moments of my past. The cross my mom bought me in Sevilla stills delicately hugs the base of my hand, as does my Moroccan bracelet. This puts me at ease. There’s something so much greater than myself out there guiding my way.


I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. (Jeremiah 31:25)

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