If the Hat Fits

Bells sounded. The mission’s dark wicker chairs filled with students, families and locals as the service neared its start. The choir harmonized and an upbeat humming of chatter echoed within the adobe walls. We’d arrived early, dressed in make-shift Easter Sunday outfits.

In the rush and chaos of pre-flight packing, my mom had forgotten a dress for mass. Before heading to the mission, we’d fretted over her outfit options. Please, Mama, no yoga pants or black. However like always, she lined it up and showed up to my door, smiling, in a beautiful Sunday outfit.

To our surprise, many of the church-goers arrived to mass in casual clothing. Beforehand, we snapped a few Instagram pictures and noticed an interesting woman in the background. She wasn’t wearing a bonnet, or some wide-brimmed, woven pastel piece. Oh, no. Her Easter Sunday hat? A pink visor. We laughed to ourselves.

After mass, I needed some fresh air. I decided to go for a run outside, embarking on my favorite route – the campus loop. About halfway through my run, I came across the city bus stop. Just then, a screeching bus reached an abrupt halt and shoved its doors open to one single, lone customer. A familiar woman calmly gathered her things from the bench.

The woman in the pink visor boarded the bus.

You never know someone’s story.

We all wear many different hats.


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